Let me tell you a story.

About two years ago (give or take) a couple of guys contacted me asking me to be in a documentary movie they were making about Internet Marketing.

They were cool enough guys and all, but I said no.

The reason I refused is because I just don’t want that much recognition. I don’t want to be rich and famous. Just rich. Besides, you can end up looking pretty stupid in a documentary that you don’t have editorial control over. And I do a good enough job of looking stupid on my own, thank you very much. Don’t need any help there.

…So I passed on the offer.

A few months go by and I discover that these guys have gotten just about everyone in the Internet Marketing Scene to be in the movie. …Queue the peer pressure.

So now they enlist my friends to put the pressure on me. They used all kinds of persuasive techniques ranging from, “Dude, you gotta be in this movie.”

…To, “Frank Kern – quit being a hermit and get in the damn movie.” ”

And finally, “What the hell is wrong with you?? Get in the damn movie already!!”

But still I held my ground. Peer pressure be damned!

Don’t wanna be in a movie. Not my thing. Too weirded out. Thanks anyway.

So time goes by and I get to be friends with the guys making the movie. They quit asking me about it and I sort of forget all about it.

They came to my birthday party and brought home made beer. Strong home made beer.Well played. Then I see one of them again at Andy Jenkins’ wedding. (I was the guy who performed the wedding ceremony, by the way. Awesome.) We shoot the shit about random stuff and a good time is had by all.

But no mention of the movie. It looked like I had gotten away scott free!

But Then They Used The Most Devastating
Persuasion Technique Known To Man!

About a week ago, I’m checking my email and I see this:

So I download the file to see what they send, and here’s what it was (you gotta press “play” to start it):


Damn These People!

Now I pretty much HAVE to do the movie. If I didn’t, I’d be a real asshole, you know?

I mean …who can say no after such an exhibit of total coolness? Not only have these guys been super-cool to me for the past two years or so, now they’ve taken the time to create this montage video above.

Never once nagging me or hassling me …just being super nice until I “cracked”. Now I’m happy to help them and I’m proud to be in their movie. In fact, I feel kinda like a tool for refusing in the first place.

The fact is, they got me. They “killed me with kindness”, so to speak.

And you wanna know something?

This Tactic Will Work In Any Situation!

Like …oh, I don’t know … maybe your business.

You should never underestimate the power of being totally cool to people and doing good things for others. I’m not talking about being manipulative and lame. I’m talking about just being a genuinely nice person who actually gives a damn.

Goes a long way.

Picture this:

You’ve got a guy who subscribes to your “Cat Juggling” list. He wants info on how to get started in the exciting career of Cat Juggling. (The prestige!) So you send him a few videos about Cat Jugging and he digs them.

He still doesn’t buy your stuff, but he’s stoked you gave him the free videos.

Then you send him a pdf outlining a great step-by-step blueprint for really making it big in the exciting world of cat juggling.

Once again, he’s stoked. Loves it. Thinks you’re awesome.

You keep this up for another six months. All the way up until Christmas.

The guy gets his Christmas bonus check and the first thing he does is run home to your site and buys your Super Deluxe Triple Diamond Level Cat Juggling Bootcamp-In-A-Box!

It’s the most expensive thing you sell, and here’s this guy who joined your list AGES ago …happily forking over full price for it.


Because you were consistently cool to him. You were actually nice. You actually helped the guy out. A LOT.

Here’s the deal:

People Remember This Kind Of Stuff

And when you’re cool to them …repeatedly …they will buy from you.

Think about it. Even if you’re the baddest of all marketing badasses, only around 10% (at most!) of the people who come into your funnel are going to buy from you right off the bat.

They might not have the money right now, it might not be the right time, they might not believe your claims of cat juggling heroics, whatever. We both know that the vast majority of people who come into your sales funnel do not buy right up front.

Them’s the facts.

But 90% of our efforts are often focused entirely on that tiny little segment of people who are going to buy immediately.

…And we ignore the overwhelming majority of people who have come to our site, demonstrated that they’re interested our stuff, and haven’t bought yet.


Do that and you’re leaving 90% of your money on the table.

Here’s What To Do Next

Make it a point to perform random acts of coolness both in your community …and by giving cool stuff away to your list.

Do this every week for the rest of the summer.


For example, write a blog post every week or so outlining how to solve a problem your market is facing.

A few months back, I was doing a phone consult with a guy and he asked me how to find a product to sell. I figured that if he was having a problem finding something to sell, others probably were too …so I made this video blog post to help out:

People dug it and bought stuff from me as a result. In fact, one guy bought List Control FIVE MONTHS later …and he told me that video was what made him want to learn from me when the time was right.

Hell, you don’t even have to make your own videos. Just find newsworthy information that will help your community and give it to them.

I did that very same thing a few months back and I got tons of extra sales from it. All I did was find a cool video showing how you can use Google now to get cheap ads for your site on TV …and then I put that video on my blog and told people about it.

I put a little link to List Control at the bottom and got something like $80,000.00 in sales as a result. And even the people who didn’t buy from that little link at the bottom will still remember that I helped them.

Your readers and subscribers are no different.

Oh – don’t want to make videos? Don’t have a blog? Try podcasting. Make a weekly podcast that has actual good information in it and you’ll reap the rewards.

In fact, the word “reap” is fitting.

All I’m really advising you to do is to constantly sow the seeds of coolness in your community and with your prospects and you will reap the rewards, guaranteed.

It’s really one of the oldest success formulas known to man.

And Now To Practice What I Preach!

I just finished a 20 page report and you can get it here, FREE:

It’s all about how you can double your income this summer using three easy steps I outline for you in detail.

AND – there’s an extra surprise when you opt in to get the report :-)

I plan on publishing these reports regularly over the summer as part of a series …so let me know if you like it.

Talk soon,



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